Will, Part of a Bigger Conversation, oil, 122 x 154cm, 2012 Prof. Robert Mair, Master of Jesus College, oil, 122 x 76cm Sir Keith O’Nions, oil, 91 x 71cm HRH Prince Philip at 90 (Photographed in progress), oil on 3 canvases, each 91 x 91cm each panel, 2013 Small Roy Strong, oil on panel, 30 x 26cm Felix and Lucien, oil,  51 x 61cm Dame Jean Thomas, oil, 122 x 91cm, 2011 Susie Wells, oil, 91 x 122 cm, 2011 Dr Christine Facer- Hoffman, oil, 61 x 46cm Sarah and Bernard Taylor, oil, 122 x 152cm Romy, oil on canvas, 76 x 102cm, 2010 Dr John Hood, oil, 91 x 71cm, 2010 Dr John Hood (double), oil, 51 x 71cm, 2010 Coversations with Will, oil on 4 panels, 50 x 153cm, 2010 Patrick Cescau, oil, 91 x 102cm Lord Wilson of Tillyorn, oil , 61 x 50cm 2005 Sir Eric Anderson KT, oil, 152 x 107, 2004 Eighteen, oil, 152 x 107cm, 2004 Simon and Milo, oil, 152 x 107cm, 2004 Anne, Winter Light, 152 x 107cm, 2004 Sir Brian Burridge, oil , 91 x 71cm  2005 Elizabeth and Lawrence Banks, oil, 92 x 71cm Griffith Edwards, oil, 91 x 71 Olivia and Oscar, oil Sir Keith Thomas, oil, 91 x 71cm Gerald Ball, oil, 31 x 25cm Self Portrait, oil, 122 x 122cm Julian Wathen, oil, 91 x 71cm Judy in a Sun Hat, oil, 76 x 51cm His Grace the Duke of Richmond, oil, 152 x 107cm Lord Morris, Museums and Galleries Commission, oil, 51 x 102cm Lady John Scott, oil, 91 x 71cm Jacob Rees-Mogg, oil, 152 x 51cm Sir Roy Strong, Young Man Among Roses, oil, 122 x 61cm Sir Roy Strong (double portrait), oil, 122 x 122cm Industrialist, Sir Emmanuel Kaye, oil, 102 x 76cm Lord Morris, University of Wales, oil, 100 x 50cm My Father, oil,183 x 152cm